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Marshall Alumni Association


The John Marshall High School Alumni Association was founded in 2000 to help alumni give back to their high school. The association has given out over $9000 in scholarships since it's founding. It helps sponsor various events and provide materials to the high school. For example, the Alumni Association recently purchased a banner honoring the 2007 Marshall Track team for winning the state championship.

Teacher and Alumnus of the Year
Each year, the Association selects a Teacher and Alumnus of the Year and places their pictures and a plaque on the Marshall Wall of Fame, located near Door 4. The alumnus gives the speech at that year's graduation. The 2007 Alumna of the Year was our own Class of '78's Cathy Pattillo. Congratulations, Cathy!

School History
The Alumni Association maintains files on the history of Marshall High School. Read some of their material about the Thumbnail History of Marshall High School and Notable Marshall High Alumni

Yearbooks for Sale
The Alumni Association has old yearbooks for sale, inlcuding the Class of '78. The yearbooks sell for $30 each. Contact Mr. Schissler to order yours.

To Join
Send your name, address, phone number, e-mail and graduation year plus your tax deductible check of $25, payable to the Marshall Alumni Assocation, to:

Mr. John Schissler, Jr.
Alumni Association, Inc.
John Marshall High School
4141 N. 64th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53216

Office Phone: (414) 393-2514
E-mail: schiss2@sbcglobal.net

The office is open every Tuesday, but calling ahead is recommended just to be certain someone will be there.

A Thumbnail History of John Marshall High School

John Marshall Junior-Senior High School opened its doors in September of 1961, where it served the community's 7th through 9th graders until 1979. For much of the 1960s and 1970s, John Marshall, with close to 4,000 students, was the biggest high school in Wisconsin. Graduating classes regularly numbered between 700 and 1100 students. (The class of 1978 was relatively small at a bit over 620.)

In 1979 Marshall dropped its 7th and 8th grade program to accommodate its growing senior high population. But the school wasn't just big. It was an academic, athletic extra-curricular, liberal arts superstar--for years considered by many as the finest high school in the state. It was the school with the state-of-the-art facilities, the school with legendary choral and instrumental music programs, and the school with a student newspaper that raked in major national awards year after year, the school of multiple championships in 20 sports, the school just as excited about its offerings in Latin as it was about its Columbia blue and scarlet pep rallies. The Marshall Eagles have had a long and proud history of nearly 50 years.

Marshall also pioneered new sports programs in the early 1970s as the first public high school to field a boys soccer team followed shortly afterwards by a girls soccer team, the first interscholastic athletic program for women in the state.

The initiatives expended in the 1980s and 1990s when the Marshall Broadcasting Speciality formed a partnership with City Tehcnology Colleges Trust of England, and a student exchange program with Bremerhaven, Germany. During the late 1990s Marshall initiated the International Baccalaureate Program, which gave the school even more world-wide recongition.

Today, thousands of Marshall Grads--particularly those form the '60s, '70s, and '80s--are in the prime of their careers and "running" America, doing everything from working as Fortune 500 executives to teaching at universities to performing surgery to making Hollywood films.

Notable John Marshall High School Alums

The following, in no particular order, is just a miniscule sample of prominent Marshall alumni.

This information was provided by Mr. Schissler of the John Marshall Alumni Association. It is used with permission.